Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Wednesday Night Review

We've been talking about myths people have for a while now, calling the series "Biblical Myth Busters" and tonight we talked about the myth of the "Pansy Jesus." We went on a quest to expose the myth that Jesus was feeble and weak. Here are a few points they were given to think about:
  1. Jesus, while divine was a man. As a carpenter He probably had calloused hands. As an outdoors man He was probably accustomed to long periods in the wilderness.
  2. He spoke out against the corrupt authorities of His day. He did not hesitate to expose the hypocrisies of the religious people. He spoke out so often that He seen by leaders as a public danger. A Man of such courage that He deliberately walk to what He knew would mean death, despite the pleas of well-meaning friends!
  3. Jesus stormed into the Temple in Jerusalem. Single-handedly drove out a group of crooked merchants and money changers with a whip. Then stayed in the Temple to teach, as the book of Mark relates, to prevent the money changers from returning.
  4. The common perception of Jesus being soft, sentimental, and effeminate is a myth. He was gentle. He was meek. But that gentleness and meekness were not absence of strength. It was strength over control.
  5. Jesus did not deal mildly with evil. He did not react gently to hypocrisy. He did not smile serenely on wickedness.
Many do not know the real Jesus. Jesus was no pansy! If "angry" Jesus is something that shocks you then I would encourage you to learn more about who the real Jesus is through His words, in the Bible.

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