Thursday, July 3, 2008


Frodo getting a bath in the sink
Frodo at puppy training

Frodo is one of my most favorite things in this world, so I figured I could blog about him. He will be six months old on July 10. His birthday is two days after Gwyn's. When we got him in March, he and Gwyneth weighed the same. And because Gwyn wasn't gaining weight fast, they stayed neck and neck for a few months, which made it pretty interesting. We could pick up Frodo and say, "Gwyneth must be about this big and is this heavy".

Frodo has his papers, even though his father is a long haired and his mother is a short haired chihuahua. Because he is mixed he is the cutest thing ever! I don't see why more breeders aren't mixing the two. He doesn't have the full mane or tail of a long haired, but he definitely has more fluff than a short haired. Behind his ears is really fluffy. He really is the cutest chi I have ever seen!

I have never seen another dog that is as sweet and affectionate as Frodo, at least to Terry and I. He is afraid of everyone else. Luckily that fear hasn't turned into him nipping and biting at other people like some chis do. With Terry and I he is the sweetest companion! If we let him he would give us kisses 24/7. He doesn't play rough with us, which is good because he has sharp little teeth.

We went to PetSmart for a puppy training class that lasted 8 weeks. Frodo learned how to sit, lay down (which the trainer didn't think he would ever do, most small dogs won't lay down, but Frodo does!), stay, leave it, and shake. He can also fetch pretty good, which is quite entertaining to watch when we give him a normal size tennis ball. He has to carry it by the fuzz. He is, for the most part, an obedient dog, although he is still in puppy mode so we aren't too hard on him yet like we are with Lilly.

Weighing in at just under 5 lbs, he is the medium size for a chi. He is too big to be a teacup by a few lbs, but luckily he is quite smaller than chis can get. To breed, the male should be under 6 lbs, preferably under 5, so Frodo just made the cut. We plan on breeding him, and maybe one day getting a female so that we can have the puppies at our house! He was the cutest puppy ever, so I know that he will have cute puppies!

We are bringing him to the OBX with us, so if you see us, you will probably see Frodo. Other than Terry, Frodo is my best friend here. And Frodo and Lilly get along great! They play for hours everyday.

Sarah Elizabeth

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Katie Lamont said...

His 6 month birthday is my birthday, too!! Yay! I can't wait to meet him, I hope he likes Thelma and Louise! They are in the middle of having their first dog encounter. Their cousin Maggie, Greg's cousin's dog, came with them for the weekend. See you soon!