Friday, July 25, 2008

The Macs Arrived!

I came into the church office Wednesday morning, after being on vacation, 3 Mac computers were waiting for me, and the fourth arrived later in the day. It was 3 iMacs and 1 MacBook Pro.

The Macs are nothing short of beautiful. As people, and the staff, came in the office seeing the display of Macs (which I had out in the open so I could work on all of them at the same time) everyone was really impressed. Our secretary was bouncing with excitement as she anxiously waiting for me to finish my work on her's and turn it over to her.

We got .Mac (now called MobileMe) on all the computers, iWorks, plus all that comes standard on a Mac (the iLife suite is awesome).

I have tons to learn, and a lot to teach others. The cool thing is Mac is very user-friendly (meaning things just makes sense that they work a certain way) and intuitive, so it hasn't been hard to learn what I've learned so far. I actually haven't been able to play with the Macs much. Most of my time on them has been used setting up email, installing stuff, registering stuff, updating all the programs (that really took a long time to download), getting them to print on our server (we have a PC server and the Macs work with it with no problems, but since we lease our printer there are extra steps that have to be taken in order to print), and a few other minor things.

Next week I'll be working on getting one of the iMacs up in our sound booth working which is primarily just a matter of getting the right cords and connecting them to the Mac. I forgot to order one of the cords when I ordered the Macs so I have to place that order tomorrow; we didn't plan on using the Macs for this Sunday anyway, so it's okay.

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