Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Missing You

To all of our friends and family back home, we miss you. This has been a very lonely and boring six months here because we have been without you. Up until a month or so ago we have had no friends our age. We love our church and the awesome people there, but I don't think that 60 and 70 year olds really would enjoy coming over and playing on the wii with us. So, Terry and I have had to entertain ourselves and each other, for the most part.

Being the big movie fans that we are, we have gone to the movies about once every week, sometimes more, sometimes skipping a week. Sadly, we have only been to the beach once...sigh. We went kayaking once on an amazing trip in the lagoon. We used to go to Walmart it seamed every other day for a long time; not so much anymore. We go out to eat some (yum! Panara salads!). And the rest of our off time we spend sitting on the couch on the computer, playing the wii, or watching the newest Netflix.

After we were here for a while I think that Terry could tell how lonely I was, and that is where Frodo fits in. Frodo is the best companion dog in the whole world! Much more fun than our other dog Lilly, sorry girl. He really came at a good time for me.

A few weeks ago we met a young couple that just started coming to our church, and we have hung out with them several times. Terry and I both see great potential in this new friendship, so we are very excited about them! It feels so nice to hang out with other young Christians!

We are flying up on the 15th for a week, bringing Frodo along, and I can't wait! We will be staying with family and hopefully visiting with many of our friends. We will get to see Tricia and Gwyneth. We moved to Florida the day after Gwyneth was born. Tricia was in a coma. I know that after a week back home (yes, the OBX is still my home, not Fl) with all of our family and friends I will not want to come back to Florida.

All of that just to say, I am missing you.

Sarah Elizabeth


Katie Lamont said...

I can absolutley not wait to see you guys! I am so excited about you comeing Home for a week! I know we will probably not be at the beach while you are here so I am really glad that we get to get you!! It's not long now!! Yay!

Rick Lawrenson said...

We're excited for your visit, too.

But you can't have your old room back. There's a new little Lawrenson girl in there.

Misha said...

We can't wait to see you guys. I know Ty is wondering were you are. Whenever we'd go to your parents house, he'd ask if you guys would be there too.

See you in 13 days.