Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Frodo the Heart Breaker

We took Frodo to Petsmart to get him some apparel, for he had none yet. We decided on this studly sailor outfit, so he can impress the ladies.

And on the way home we saw that the brand new Petco was now open, so we swung in there and found Frodo a sharp looking polo shirt for more casual wear.

Frodo is officially ready to go out on the town!


Katie Lamont said...

Oh that is just too cute! I love it! Will he be dressing for his big trip next week?

Tricia said...

meka and her will have to get pics together in their outfits. how cute. i love it! : )

MilePost13 said...

Meka only wears gansta clothes now.

Hilary said...

i might be in love with your doggie!!! that is too cute!