Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Quick Update

FCA yesterday went well.  We again had 20+ students and the chex-mix and gatorade disappeared in, what seemed like, seconds. 

Tonight, in youth group, we talked about how we can become disappointed in Christianity because we have the wrong idea of what walking with Christ should look like. 

Thursday, September 18, 2008

The Week Keeps Getting Better

Ever have those moments when you just know something really big is happening. . .and the awe of knowing that God chose you to be the midst of it. This whole week has been like that for me.

This week two youth gave their life over to Christ from my youth group. One happened on Sunday and the other last night.

The young girl gave her life to Christ after talking with her daddy about baptism. She had heard about her father (parents are separated) baptizing her brother two months earlier and it's been raising questions in this young girl. In fact, last night Sarah was able to talk with her about this decision. In two weeks her father will be baptizing her.

I had the honor of talking to the young boy who gave his life to Christ last night. I had shared the Good News of Jesus with him about four months ago and he completely rejected it. I think for a short while it created a rift between him and myself, because I think he felt like he rejected me and he didn't know how to face that. For a little while I've let that decision sink in, but as we crossed paths from time to time and he came to youth, from time to time, (he was dodging me) I tried to let him know that I still love him and care for him, and God even more so. He has now been coming to youth regularly for the past month or so. Last night at the conclusion of a gospel presentation he wanted to talk with me and the conversation ended with him praying, on his own, asking God to change him and to give him the strength to follow him. You better believe it was hard to "fight back the tears".

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

FCA Today!

Today was awesome! Very tiring, but awesome!

At the 2:15 FCA, the one I run, we had a lot of students! I didn't stop to get a head count, but we easily had 20 plus. The chex-mix and gatorade was gone in a matter of seconds! I definitely will have to bring a lot more next time.

Not too bad for our 3rd meeting. The word is spreading and so far we've been growing rather fast.

The coolest part was I asked whoever was interested in doing ministry at Vero Beach High to stick around after the meeting and five students were interested. Next week I'll begin talking with these few, in detail, about the future of FCA at Vero Beach High.

I'm excited!

It was awesome to see the excitement on John-Peter's (the teacher), Holly's (softball coach), and Steve's (JV softball coach) face over the past three weeks and God's been blessing the desire to minister on this campus.

If next week sees the same kind of numerical growth then we'll need a new location to meet. We've already been told we could use the gym. That's something we might be considering soon.

Just sharing my excitement!!!

Monday, September 15, 2008


Today Sarah and I worked on painting the youth rec room. We spent about 3.5 hours putting the first coat of paint on all the areas a paint roller can't reach. Later this week we're going to put the second coat on, and I'll need to get in there to do some sanding (areas I puttied).

Tomorrow I have FCA (Fellowship of Christian Athletes) twice at Vero Beach High School. At the 2:15 meeting (which is for out of season athletes and non-athletes) I had a pretty good showing. Holly, the Varsity Softball coach was rather excited. Hopefully we continue to grow numerically tomorrow. At the 6:00 (which at the moment is targeting the football players and cheerleaders) I get to be a helper while Scott (a Youth for Christ director) runs the show.

Wednesday night will be youth group and I'll be kicking off a new series called the "Really Real Christianity". I need to work harder at my series names, but the point of the series is to introduce students what it means to be a follower of Christ. Last Wednesday was the first Wednesday with the youth ministry team having new job assignments and they did awesome!

Thursday night will be small group Bible study (for adults), which is fun and challenging. The discussion is awesome every week.

Saturday night Sarah and I are opening our home to the youth to watch the movie Nacho Libre. None of our youth have seen it. Hopefully they're in to that kind of humor. We're going to have hot dogs. . .Sarah suggested corn on a stick too!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Rock the Universe, Day 2 & 3

It was loads of fun! But I am SO tired!

Friday, September 5, 2008

Rock the Universe, Day 1

We showed up late and missed a few of the bands, but we caught the last bit of Skillet and got to see all of NewsBoys.  NewsBoys put on an awesome show!

Tomorrow we getting up early for ihop and then off to the park to enjoy a day of rides before the evening concerts and speakers.