Monday, September 15, 2008


Today Sarah and I worked on painting the youth rec room. We spent about 3.5 hours putting the first coat of paint on all the areas a paint roller can't reach. Later this week we're going to put the second coat on, and I'll need to get in there to do some sanding (areas I puttied).

Tomorrow I have FCA (Fellowship of Christian Athletes) twice at Vero Beach High School. At the 2:15 meeting (which is for out of season athletes and non-athletes) I had a pretty good showing. Holly, the Varsity Softball coach was rather excited. Hopefully we continue to grow numerically tomorrow. At the 6:00 (which at the moment is targeting the football players and cheerleaders) I get to be a helper while Scott (a Youth for Christ director) runs the show.

Wednesday night will be youth group and I'll be kicking off a new series called the "Really Real Christianity". I need to work harder at my series names, but the point of the series is to introduce students what it means to be a follower of Christ. Last Wednesday was the first Wednesday with the youth ministry team having new job assignments and they did awesome!

Thursday night will be small group Bible study (for adults), which is fun and challenging. The discussion is awesome every week.

Saturday night Sarah and I are opening our home to the youth to watch the movie Nacho Libre. None of our youth have seen it. Hopefully they're in to that kind of humor. We're going to have hot dogs. . .Sarah suggested corn on a stick too!


MilePost13 said...

Don't forget the eagle eggs!

Andy Lawrenson said...

Nachos would be nice to eat as well.

Nate's right about the eagle eggs. That is where the nutrients are.

Get those students and their parents in their painting with you! Start laying down the foundation that ministry is serving "together" not serving "me".

"did you not tell him that those are the Lord's jeeps?"

Katie Lamont said...

You should get a paint stick. walmart, $25... makes painting 10 times faster!

TerryKM said...

@ Nate. . .that would be awesome is I knew where to get eagle eggs and it wasn't illegal to take them.

@ Andy. . .Nachos!!! The most obvious thing I forgot.

@ Katie. . .I call paint sticks rollers (sorry for the confusion). We're using those once we get all the areas rollers can't reach.