Friday, July 18, 2008

North Carolina Vacation, So Far

Sarah and I are having a blast! We're really enjoying the relaxing and being in the company of people we love and have been missing.
  1. Paul and Diane drove us to the airport Tuesday afternoon.
  2. Frodo took to flying like a champ, although the fact that we gave him some children's benadryl helped.
  3. We arrived in Virginia on Tuesday night.
  4. Greg and Katie picked us up. We goofed off with the Wii, talked, and watched Frodo chase their cats.
  5. Wednesday morning Katie and Greg took us to IHOP to meet up with two of Sarah's college friends (Lynsey and Kristy).
  6. Then Katie took us to the Outer Banks, N.C. after IHOP but we made two important stops on the way: picked up a gift for Gwyneth's baby shower and Sonic!
  7. We then went to lunch at Mama Qwan's with Andy, Misha, Ty, Gail, Katie, and Brenda. It was really good!
  8. One of my formed youth, Caroline, dropped by with some friends to have lunch at Mama Qwan's and she spotted me. So we were able to talk a little bit.
  9. Later that night was the baby shower for Gwyneth, which Sarah went to. Us guys went over to Ramon's home and enjoyed some conversation, Wii, and some really good nachos.
  10. Thursday we relaxed a lot. I took Sarah to lunch at Lafagota's; a local Mexican restaurant that Sarah LOVES!
  11. Thursday night we had plans with the Williams family, a former youth family. They had spread the word I was coming and had other there as well. In all it was 14 people not including Sarah and I, which was a really cool way to get to spend time with everyone. We had BBQ which I have been craving!! It was wonderful to see everyone! Catching up was awesome!
  12. Today (Friday) has been pretty laid back. One of my formed youth, Anthony, picked me up for lunch. We went to a newly opened restaurant The Slice. We caught up with all that's been happening and are hoping to be able to spend more time together before Sarah and I head back to Florida.
  13. In just a little while we're getting together with the family for a family photo session and then dinner. Sarah has spent probably 2+ hours on getting ready. I know girls take a lot more time but I think my wife takes even longer than most (she disagrees of course).

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