Friday, December 7, 2007

Thoughts, Concerns, and Prayer Requests

These are really random, in no particular order, and just many of the things that have been running through my head:
  1. Youth ministry needs to make a shift to helping parents become better parents. There must be a shift from the expectation that the church is to raise their children and teach them "good morales" to the parents realizing it is their God-given duty to raise their children, and they do need help.
  2. Are there conferences out there designed for youth pastors to learn more about how to be an effective discipler of parents so they can be a better discipler of their children?
  3. Making sure the youth here at Kitty Hawk Baptist know I love them, I'll just be a phone call away, and I'm not disappearing from their life completely.
  4. Finding strong and healthy youth events to take youth to (I know Student Life is in the area, but no more WinterFest or The Call).
  5. Getting into the schools in Vero Beach. My father-in-law recommended becoming a substitute teacher to get plugged in to the schools. Sounds like a good plan to me.
  6. My sister-in-law is pregnant, but she has CF. So as much as a child being brought into the world is exciting news, there are really big, life-threatening, risks because of Tricia's CF. She really needs a double lung transplant but that's on hold for the baby. It sounds like she'll be put on the waiting list for lungs as soon as the baby is born.
  7. Tricia and Nathan (Tricia's husband) will most likely not be home for Christmas because of Tricia's weakened state, and that really saddens me.
  8. My wife and I are moving and that includes a lot: physically moving, asking friends to help us with the move, starting a new ministry (pretty much from scratch), making new friends, getting licensed to preach, training new volunteers and not having an experienced core group to start with.
  9. My wife being able to find a job in Vero Beach. One that pays pretty good money. Benefits would be really nice. She put her resume together this week and has sent it to 6 or 7 places so far. Most of the job listings we're finding are retail jobs and they're just not going to have the pay or benefits we are hoping for.
  10. My mom and dad just moved. My dad starts going to a bible college in Jan. and they're taking a really big leap of faith with their finances. Well they had someone who was buying their own house and the signing of the deal was this week but the buyer backed out. They have about 2 months worth of money which means they have 2 months to sell their old house and land before they're in really big trouble.
If you could take a moment to pray for one of these that would be more than greatly appreciated.


MilePost13 said...

we're praying. said...

Praying for you bro!

As for the parent discipling thing, I've been intrigued by the posts that Mark Batterson has written on his blog about discipling his son. That would probably be a good place to get started with some ideas. You can find it at

TerryKM said...

@Nathan L. . .thank you!

@Nathan H. . .thank you too. I'll check out I would right now but my wife is keeping me busy today :)