Saturday, December 1, 2007

A Special Christmas

Life has been extremely busy lately, especially since my announcement to the church that I have taken another position in Florida. But yesterday I think it finally hit me. . .Christmas is here.

I think a build up of emotions, stress, and too much to do sort of numbed my excitement, but two nights ago Sarah and I went to "The Festival of Trees", a local charity event. There we saw the Mile Post 13 band (the worship band at Nags Head Church) and that really got me into the holiday mood. Check out the videos, on my bother-in-law's blog, of them playing (he's their leader). These guys did such a phenomenal job! It was beautiful!

I think what also helped the spirit of Christmas "hit me" was I spent some time yesterday sneaking around getting gifts for Sarah (my wife on the right with our dog). That was fun!

I'm really looking forward to this Christmas. It will be the first Christmas Sarah and I share together. It will be the first time since I was a teenager that I will be with a larger family for Christmas (the Lawrensons). Exchanging gifts with the Lawrensons. Food!

I think what is exciting me most of all is that I now have a family, Sarah. And I get to share this wonderful time of year with her. She has made Christmas so fun! She's been putting together homemade advent calendars for the youth. She decorated the tree very unlike what I'm used to. I'm used to throwing everything but the kitchen sink on it. When I look at our tree it feels warm and inviting. Sarah has made our place look like a home. Sarah has also been saying "you're not allowed to ask questions this time of year" to me a lot. . .which is fun. PRESENTS!!


MilePost13 said...

that's how we roll.

Rick Lawrenson said...

Sarah's becoming her mother!

And let me correct you. The dog is on the right with your wife. Please don't confuse them again.