Tuesday, December 11, 2007

21 Steps to Church Health

I found this at Cerulean Sanctum by Dan Edelen and found it to be an interesting read. What caught my attention the most was #10, when Dan explains how youth pastors should really be the pastor of parents of the youth. The titles don't always explain the meaning very well but if you click on the link and read them, it's rather clear and Dan makes some really good points.

This is a top 21 going from lesser to most important.
21. Two-way sermons can increase biblical understanding.
20. Leaders should seek out the gifted.
19. Leaders should primarily come from within a congregation, not from the outside.
18. Christian intellectuals must be honored.
17. A church's core values should be obvious.
16. Deal with offenses swiftly.
15. Not more church plants, but more connections to existing churches.
14. Think like a visitor.
13. Our neighbors matter to Jesus.
12. Be a church for all kinds of people.
11. Conduct a proper self-examination.
10. Fire the youth pastor. . .then rehire him for his true purpose.
9. Be hospitable.
8. Rethink how we use our time.
7. Strive toward true community.
6. Develop a holistic Christian world view.
5. Restore the importance of the Scriptures.
4. Make the church for believers.
3. Recover prayer & fasting-especially to repentance.
2. Live by The Golden Rule.
1. Show people Jesus.

Late Addition: Dan makes some good points on some of these, but some I slightly to totally disagree with him on. The point is to get you thinking (that's why it's under "Thought Provoking".


nathanhyde.com said...

Good stuff! Thanks for sharing it.

(Although I must say I couldn't possibly disagree more with #15 and #4. I read the original post and couldn't find much that corresponded to reality on these two points. But most of the other stuff was good!)

TerryKM said...

I think I'd have to halfway agree with you on #15. . .with #4. . .

. . .what Dan doesn't define clearly is exactly what is church, and if he's saying don't bring unbelievers into the building then he's wrong. If he's saying only design your in-church programs for believers, then he's wrong. If he's saying design your Sunday services around believers only, then he's wrong. Over-all I do think this is what Dan is thinking and so I would agree that he's wrong.