Monday, December 3, 2007

Still Making Memories At Kitty Hawk Baptist

So a few weeks ago Sarah and I made it public that we're leaving Kitty Hawk Baptist Church and I had taken a position in Vero Beach, Florida as a youth pastor. We've been wondering if there would be a "fall-out" or some other complication with us leaving. One of our dear friends at the church said to Sarah and I this, "well those who love you are excited for you and think this a great opportunity for you, but those who didn't like you are happy too because you're leaving; either way, you win". And he is right. But what I'm loving is the love we're being shown.

Last night was youth group. The lesson went really well and it got the kids really thinking about how Christ come to be an agent of transformation in our life and that we in turn are to be an agent of transformation in the lives of others around us. We get to be heroes. The kids got it which shows me the news of me leaving isn't distracting them from the message.

But here's where it was really awesome. . .

After the lesson was over and small groups were done I looked to Sarah and just asked her if she was okay with us going out to eat. With her saying yes I asked, who wanted to go out to eat. After goofing off and joking around for a while we finally came to the decision to go to Five Guys (a great burger place).

The conversations we had were a mixture of what's next for the youth group to some of them wanting to come down and visit for spring break. A lot of the questions for what's going to happen next with youth group I couldn't answer, but the questions they were asking were important ones and it bothered me that I don't know what's going to happen and a big part of me is afraid for them (something I would rather not go into detail about right now).

They were asking about what the church was like. One youth was talking about how she would plan her spring break to come see us and asked us if it would be okay. We told all the youth to come, which I would LOVE! They were talking about Sarah and I still trying to go to Honduras on the mission trip I had been planning for them, but we have others stepping in to do that (we will need to place all of our focus on the new ministry God has put us in). They were even trying to talk us into taking whatever youth group I have in Florida and joining them. Of course we don't know what we can and can't do yet, or what will be best to do, but that's not what I was hearing from them. I was hearing, "Sarah and Terry, we love you and we're really going to miss you."

I love them too! And I going to miss them.


beachbug said...

#1 - When I left my last church (and first one) in Oklahoma telling the students was really hard. The pain quickly turned to excitement as I started thinking about what God had in store for me.

#2 - I realized that the youth group was God's and not mine and that really helped. You know after a long time without a youth pastor they bounced back and I hare good things from the youth group there now (of course all my kids have graduated).

#3 - Glad you get to lose the tie. If the Son has set you free you are free indeed.

#4 - 5 Guys is way too expensive for a fast food restaurant. They should be taking your order and serving you at those prices.

Rick Lawrenson said...

Ditto on Andy's comment about 5 Guys. Nothing spectacular about the burger and fries other than the price and bare bones dining area.

I still hear from youth who I pastored 30 years ago. And that's a lot of fun.