Thursday, November 8, 2007

New Blog Name

So I could use some brain-storming help. When I called this blog "Recording God Given Adventures" I really didn't know if I was going to stick with blogging and so I just made something up real quick. I really don't like it and I've enjoyed blogging. Since I'm going to stick with it, I want a better name.

Here are some thoughts:
1. Keeping It Simple.
2. Authentic, Real, and Transparent (ART).
3. Faithful, Available, Teachable (FAT). . .okay, that's two acronyms; what's up with that?
4. Re-Thinking, Re-Discovering, Re-Awakening

If you've been reading my blog and you see the kind of content I'm producing, what's a good name to describe it? Even if you don't have a name idea but you're getting some tidbits of thoughts, please share them.

1 comment:

MilePost13 said...

google "picking a good blog name" and you'll find a few good recources.

I like blog names that are decriptive...I'm pretty happy with both of mine. I think you should also pick a marketing-driven blog name...if you're hoping to attract a certain type of reader, pick a name that will be attractive to that person. I also like blog names that are a play on words or a combination of words..."relevintage" is a blog I check out on a regular occasion because I ws first attracted by it's name.