Sunday, November 11, 2007

New Blog Name, Part 3

Okay, so this is turning out to be rather tough for me, but I'm starting to narrow it down. I suggest to my wife, for her input, "Authentic, Relevant Ministry" and her response was, "two adjectives. Why not just Authentic Ministry?" I thinking that just may be the direction I'm going to go.

Now, as I think about who I would like my target audience to be I have to think about what I really want to talk about and who I want to attract. I want to talk about the things I learn and try in ministry, my mistakes and successes. I want to talk about re-thinking leadership and all that comes with transitioning (not from an expert, but as I learn and figure things out). I want to talk about what God is doing in my life: the fun, the random, the personal, how much I love my wife, and the challenges.

Any comments or thoughts on "Authentic Ministry"?

Also see Part 1 and Part 2.

3 comments: said...

Whatever name you end up going with, I'd suggest you keep in mind that the title will greatly affect the hits you get on your blog. I named mine "Surfing the InnerN8," and I've gotten more hits from people doing searches on "surfing" than anything else!

"Authentic" and "ministry" are probably good key words for people to find your blog. One suggestion, though: with "ministry," your blog will be behind a long list in the search engines. The more specific you can get, the better.

I know search engine rankings aren't what blogging is about, but when you've got something to say, the more people read it, the better!

Whatever title you choose, just keep up the good content and have fun blogging!

TerryKM said...

Thanks Nathan. Really good advice. I hadn't thought about "ministry" and being more specific. Any ideas on how to make that more specific?

Part of my thinking was to make the blog description, which is on every page, have key words that add to the specifics. Hopefully that will help. said...

If I had good title ideas, my blog would have a better name. :-)