Thursday, November 1, 2007

I'm Nine Years Old. . .

. . .well, at least that's how long I've been a Christian. It was 9 years ago this month that the truth became clear to me and my life changed. In a day I wasn't the man I once was. The people I lived with began to see change in me over time, but I had a lot of struggles and a lot of battles I went through. I went from very heavy use of alcohol, mild use of drugs, immoral relationships, practicing witchcraft, and some other self-destructive behaviors to suddenly dropping all of that. God's gift to me was that I lost my taste/desire for most of the really difficult stuff at the moment Christ entered my life, but I still struggled with the habits and thoughts that led me to the destructive path I was on. The first two years of being a Christian were really hard for me.

The moment I accepted Christ (which basically means when I dropped my constant reaching for control over my life and gave it to Jesus) I was blessed to have awesome people I didn't even know praying for me. Actually, they were praying for me before I accepted Christ. One of those people discipled me. He taught me how to read my bible. He taught me the importance of getting involved in ministry that impacts (you and others). Thank you Craig!

Nine years later.

When I look at what was important to me then and what is now important to me, what a world of difference! The longer I run this race called life the more I learn of what it takes to be a better runner. Now I'm a little more than 3 months into marriage and God is teaching me more about this race.

What an awesome God, that He would take a blind fool like me and renew my mind, not just once, but constantly! I'm still pretty much a blind fool in many senses, but I have an incredible guide leading my way and I'll gladly follow Him anywhere.


MilePost13 said...

how'd your Halloween stuff go?

TerryKM said...

Really good. We had very few kids coming by, maybe 30, which is sad, but the people who decorated their trunks went all out and did a REALLY awesome job!

Joshua McKenney said...

thats an awesome testimony...and it is encouraging to know that we are all in this race together