Friday, August 15, 2008

Wednesday Night Review, Part 2

Last night was really interesting. Earlier on Wed. we discovered something was wrong with one of the AC units, the unit that cools the area where the youth meet. I was informed about 20 minutes before Youth Group began that the AC was not fixed yet. . .so we had youth group without AC. I know it was at least 85 degrees in there and we were playing pool and ping pong. WAY TOO HOT!

The youth were good sports about the heat and some could care less. Maybe they're more used to the weather here than I am. But when 8 o'clock hit, people were ready to go (and I don't blame them).

We've now learned that this broken AC unit is going to have to be replaced and this could take a few weeks. So, the youth will be meeting in the church's social hall. This is interesting because we were planning to make that move once we grew to 15+ youth. I guess God didn't like my timing and wanted us to go ahead and move!

I'm actually looking forward to the change. We won't be playing pool or ping pong for a while (we could move the ping pong table if we wanted to) and use this as an opportunity to do some different things before the lesson.

Hopefully the AC unit will be replaced soon. There are a few things I was planning on doing and we'll need that space for it.

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