Thursday, February 14, 2008

Wednesday Night Review

Some things happened tonight that are leaving me sleepless, some of which I can share and some that I can't. But just know that the things I can't share are awesome. I'm just not at liberty to share them.

Sarah and I both had a good night of seeing God at work.

It started around 3 hours before the youth gathering began when I couldn't find some of the resources I needed for my lesson. I spent a lot of time searching in my office and home for them, but they were nowhere to be found. Needless to say, I became rather grumpy. I was well prepared for a lesson I would not be able to do (I might have to ask Nathan to burn me another copy of some videos he edited for me; hopefully he still has it).

Sarah had a meeting with one of the youth at Starbucks so she dropped me off at church for me to spend the next hour and a half trying to put something together. From what I understand, Sarah and the youth had a good time getting to know each other and talking. And Sarah brought me a white chocolate mocha just in time for youth. *yummy!*

About 15 minutes before it was time to start I see youth that I don't know. I have to admit that my first instinct was that they had arrived at the wrong church. Up until this point, for 4 weeks, the youth gatherings had been with only 1 or 2 youth. But tonight I had 5 youth plus a mother and father who wanted to check things out.

The lesson was supposed to be about love, Thursday was Valentines and all, but that didn't happen. Instead I talked about a God who welcomes the unwelcomed. My 5 youth interacted with the discussion and it went really well. From some of the things they said and the way their eyes and face reacted to parts I can tell they were catching the meaning of the lesson (hopefully they caught the application too). It is now obvious that this was the lesson I was supposed to teach tonight.

Afterward we started up a pool tournament (which will continue over the next few weeks; I have a feeling Harry is going to win unless the rest of us put some practice in) and spent some time talking. I heard two of the new youth commenting that they have a friend they want to bring next time week.

Now I can't sleep because I'm too excited and so I put some energy into the website ( Coding web pages for multiple browsers is a real pain (especially Internet Explorer)!


MilePost13 said...

you lose things...a lot...what's up with that?

TerryKM said...

Not often. The whole moving thing can't count. :)

RiLes said...

Ok I know this is weird, but I can say that almost the exact same thing happened to our group last night. Usually we have around 6-7 kids, and we love them dearly, but we have been praying recently for more to come and last night we had four new kids come along with everyone else! It was an absolutely great night (one of the better ones we've had in a looonnnggg time) and it was just awesome. My husband and I were on cloud nine and like you, I just couldn't sleep much last night...anyhue, we're excited for your growing youth group and pray that your relationships with the kids will grow and impact each others lives. Blessings!

TerryKM said...

Thank you Riles, hopefully things are being bless for you guys as well.

It's exciting to when you've prepared the field and you're waiting for God to bring the rain.

Rick Lawrenson said...

Great news.
I'm really excited to hear about Sarah meeting with one of the kids at Starbucks.

As for losing things. Have you noticed your hair graying and falling out and that you have to visit the john more often?

SocietyVs said...

That does sound kind of exciting - more youth who want to be part of the church community - and want to learn some of the teachings - awesome!

beachbug said...


You can now write a book on How to double a youth ministry in a week!

Chapter 1 - Starbucks and Pool Tables. . .

you are on your own for the rest. Great news! Go Sarah!! That's how it is done.