Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Having A Hard Time Getting Back To The Blog

Since I've began this new position I've been hard at work with how to introduce the church to youth ministry. If you haven't caught it from previous posts, I've accepted a position as pastor of youth where I'm literally starting from scratch. This has been requiring a lot of me in the area of research and writing.

I've been working hard on what's turned into a 29 page document for adult leaders (finished the rough draft last week) and a 37 page document for introducing the church to youth ministry (complete with student and leader copies, each 37 pages, and PowerPoint with nearly 300 slides; finished the rough draft yesterday).

When I come home from the office the only thing I do with a computer is check Nathan's blog and play games. I also have been enjoying a few movies, recently Sarah (my wife) has got me working a puzzle, or playing with the dog.

But I after spending many, many hours stretching my brain on developing the foundation for youth ministry I find it hard to blog about it. Maybe I'm just not disciplined enough and I need to just make myself blog anyway, but I'm worried I'll only end up giving you babble and you'll never come back.

Anyway, give me some time and I'm sure I'll be back to blogging 3-5 times a week soon. Who knows, I might be blogging more about vision tomorrow!


MilePost13 said...

don't kill yourself...the pace you set early in ministry is most likely the pace you'll feel you'll need keep for all of your ministry, and if it's too much, it'll catch up with you eventually.

Have you read the "Simply Strategic" books?

TerryKM said...

Never heard of those books, which is funny because I read Tim Steven's blog. I read "The Barbarian Way" because of you and that was definitely worth the read, so maybe I need to read these.

But I'd have to agree with you. The pace I set will certainly be the pace I'll feel like I need to keep. . .not to mention others might think I should keep.

I really don't plan on keeping this pace. I think I would go mad (and Sarah wouldn't be happy)! But I really want to get the process started.

RiLes said...

No worries...our youth committee just decided to start writing all of our bylaws/policies from scratch as well...quite a daunting task, but it seems like you're doing a thorough job with all those packets and whatnot! We were whinning about having to write a few policies (which, by the way, we are dividing up between, oh, about 5 of us!) So for you to be doing that all by yourself is inspiring...or at least it will definitely keep me from complaining, that's for sure ;) Anyhue, hope all that works out for you! Blessings!

Rick Lawrenson said...

Youth committee? Aaaagghhhh!

Get the Simply Strategic Stuff and Simply Strategic Volunteers. They're worth their weight in gold. And get copies for your pastor, too. He'll thank you.

beachbug said...

37 pages! :0
300 Slides!! :0!!

Committee? What's that?

Read the Simply Strategic books. They are good stuffs.