Saturday, February 9, 2008

Business Cards

This week I began spending my youth ministry funds. I first began thinking about a business card. Now, I really don't care for business cards. At my last church I ordered (if I remember correctly) around a thousand and I rarely gave them out. Those were pretty basic. They had my contact info and a nice little scripture verse on the back. I wasn't planning on doing it again, just because I didn't see the effectiveness of it. But two things happened since I've been here that have made me reconsider.
  1. I've been asked for a business cards somewhat frequently and when I go to give them my info (because I didn't have a card) I could see the frustration in their eyes. Something that would have taken just a second to pass to them has turned into them looking for a pen and paper.
  2. I went to Panera Bread with Sarah (their new Harvest Orchard Salad is unBELievABLE!!) and when I picked up our food I saw a little jar saying "leave your business card for a drawing for you and 4 others to eat free". But I had no business card so I and 4 of my friends potentially just missed out.
I still questioned the effectiveness of a business card in youth ministry. I mean, how many youth really will take a card and use it? But because of items #1 & #2 above I decided to put some real thinking into this. If I make business cards how can I make it as effective as a business card can possibly be. . .

. . .and this is what I came up with. I decided to place on one side a ton of questions (and they fit; and they're readable) that would invoke certain thoughts. I also tried to make it look visually attractive; not sure if I pulled that one off. It could be something that maybe even my youth can hand off to other youth. Even if they're not comfortable calling up or emailing some stranger (even if he is a pastor of students & parents) they could check out the website it advertises. So I spent some time designing and here's what I came up with:It's a lot clearer on the version I sent to the company printing these. That is just a link to the low resolution copy put online. If you click on the image it will bring up one that's a little clearer (the blog blurred it a bit).

Maybe it'll draw some attention and a few youth will come because they want some of these questions answered. Or maybe they'll check out the website. Or maybe it will be totally ineffective. . .I hope not.

OH NO! Now I have to build a website! Here's what I've got on that so far. It's really just a "look" at the moment (no buttons or anything yet).


MilePost13 said...

looks good!

Rick Lawrenson said...

Wish we had some business cards.

TerryKM said...

Those Vintage business cards you guys did rocked! Those were really cool looking.

Rachel said...

Terry, you are working so hard! I think of you guys and pray for you often. How is Sarah?

If you do go with BCs. I have used They are very inexpensive for decent quality and quantity.

TerryKM said...

Hey Rach,

I did go ahead with the BCs and I've already ordered them. I payed more than what charges too (by about $20). . .duh! I've used before and I know they're very good quality (at least for business cards and post cards), but I'll definitely compare next time (especially since I know this is YOUR area of expertise).

Sarah and doing pretty good. She needs a better job. Right now she's making low pay and only getting around 20 hrs a week. She's put some time into looking for another job but nothing so far.

I think both of us are having the most difficult time with the lack of friends so far. The church we're at really doesn't have young adults. That's increasingly becoming difficult for us.

beachbug said...

Those cards will come in handy for parents and it's good that the web site is on it for both students and parents.

Cool cards.

Rick, I have cards.


Katie Brooke said...

As I started reading this post, I was going to let you know that you should go to, but you were way ahead of me! Those look great! We do a log of business card ordering, and they are a pretty good quality and value! :)

TerryKM said...

I just got them in and they look awesome! Now I just have to get more done on the website they're advertising so there's enough there to be presentable.

Check it out if you get a chance and let me know what you think:

Katie Brooke said...

Your website looks awesome! It's a really cool design, I can't wait to see the pages that are "under construction!"

TerryKM said...

Thanks. I've put SO many hours into it.

I'm having a hard time with part of the design and that has slowed me down, plus I have to work on the wording with some of the pages.

Questions & Objections will probably be the last to get done. Oh, and the photo album (no photos yet).