Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Wii & Youth Group

Sarah put the bug in my ear a couple a months ago that I should seriously consider getting a Nintendo Wii for the youth.  

Why?  We'll many of the games on a Wii do not require the same skills that an XBox or PlayStation would require (being familiar with buttons and being able to perform certain combinations of buttons very quickly) since many of the Wii games are based on moving a remote.  So whether we had youth who spend 8 hours a day playing video games or youth don't own a video game consul, everyone would be on a somewhat equal playing field.  Plus, many of the games for Wii think outside the box and are fun in a whole new way (something other than running around and shooting each other).

Our youth have been meeting twice a week, Wed. for the main youth gathering and Sunday morning for Sunday school, but now we're adding a third gathering.  This gathering, called "Hang-Time" is different from the other two in that it's only designed for hanging out to provide a bridge to get to know the youth who've been coming better, and to encourage them to invite friends to a no strings attached evening of fun.  And the attraction we've added: a Wii!  Not to mention a pool table, ping pong, foosball, snacks (we're having nachos with cheese dip for the first meeting), and soda.

Our first Hang-Time is this Sunday.  Sarah is in charge of the Wii rotation (taking turns).  I'm excited, and so are the youth.  I'm really hoping they have the courage to invite some of their friends, not because I want the youth size to grow; I do want to see growth, but for youth to invite their friends is a big step for them.

Since we announced that I found a Wii to the youth tonight (Wii's can be difficult to find) the youth have been begging for Rock Band, since we had them over this past weekend and they loved playing it, but it's just too expensive of a game to buy for the youth group right now.  Maybe after the holidays (by then Rock Band 2 should be available).

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