Thursday, October 9, 2008

It's Gone!

Praise the Lord, it is finally gone! After over a week my mysterious white spots are finally gone. Thanks to a comment under my previous post made by Jennifer I have found out what they are. Tonsilloliths, or tonsil stones are hard white spots that appear on your tonsil. Everything I read about them on the internet makes me believe that is what they were. They are harmless, other than causing great irritation that you can do nothing about. Pretty much, it was something, either food or something from post nasal drip, that gets stuck on the tonsil. It is loaded with protein, therefore attracting lots of bacteria making them white. They fall off eventually. Two of mine fell off by Monday, but the most annoying one stuck around until tonight. This does not occur if your tonsils have been removed, which would explain why this is not a commonly known problem; before my generation most people got their tonsils removed. Tonight I am going to start gargling mouth wash in the hopes to prevent a re-occurance. This was not a fun experience, but at least I didn't get sick.

Sarah Elizabeth

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Brown Eyed Girl said...

Okay, not to totally gross you out but I have tonsil stones and have had them for years. I have noticed in the last few years I don't have them as much but when I do get one I usually take the end of my long eyeliner brush or eye powder (basically something long and skinny) and go in and scrape or push these out. The pain or discomfort from the tonsil stone goes away immediately. I am not sure this is what a doctor would recommend but it works for me.