Thursday, October 2, 2008

United Socialist States of America

What do you think?

I've been a guy who has studied and followed history for quite some time.  My love of history was birthed late in my senior year of high school.  But I must admit that, until recently, I've made very little connection between history and things that are happening here and now (probably has to do with coming from a generation that rarely reads newspapers or tries to follow what's going on in the world).  Maybe I'm finally getting old enough to start paying attention to past mistakes.

Is it just me or is the national democratic party's policies highly based on Marxism and Socialism?  And if so, shouldn't history tell us how incredibly scary that is?

Maybe this is something that is well known and I've been far too unobservant, which means I need to wake up and start paying attention more.  Or maybe I'm just way off here. . .nah, I don't think so.

What do you think?


Kristen said...

You are not alone in that thought...and how scary that would be...

J said...

Isn't it scary as it is? Spain is a socialist country and is doing more than fine.
If you want the gap between rich and poor to be even greater then we should just keep things as they are.
I find it unfair. Lucky if you're born on the right side of society. Good luck if you aren't.

Kalani said...

Saying that Marxism is scary because of what happened in Russia is like saying Christianity is scary because of the Inquisition. There is more than one kind of Marxist and/or Socialist. People have taken Marx's words and manipulated them, just as people have manipulated the word of the Bible.

Dee Dee said...

Wow. I understand this is a dated post & you may not even see this comment, but I am just visiting your site (from CFHusband) and agree with you that the thought of socialism in our beloved America is unsettling, and that the Dems seem headed that way at present. To see that 2 people have commented on your post who seem to have socialist / Marxist sympathies is additionally unsettling. Has the media just made us so confused and unsatisfied with our freedoms that significant parts of mainstream America are okay with these ideas? Could these be young people whose fathers and grandfathers fought to preserve their freedoms and would roll over in their graves to hear this talk?
A scant 8 years after the patriotism of 9-11, our people are openly talking socialism and Marxism? May our Lord keep us on our knees for this precious country, and may He protect this long-fought-for land.