Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Youth Pastor Summit 2008, Day 2

Sarah and I are now home, and I'm really tired!

Today with the break-out sessions I was able to hear Dr. David Ferguson, Dr. Alvin Reed (head of evangelism at South Eastern Baptist Theological Seminary), Thom Rainer (Simple Church) and his son Sam, and Chris Hill (ex-student pastor to T.D. Jakes). After the break out sessions Francis Chan closed up the day.

I'm not going to get the highlights like I did yesterday, partly because I'm really tired. I have heard Alvin speak many times and he continues to speak truth and with incredible passion. Thom and Sam talked about principles their coming out soon book, Essential Church?, discusses: why those between the ages of 18-22 are leaving the church. The answer they suggest is because the church is no longer seen as something essential. Chris Hill unpacked stages in David's life and simply blew me away! He made it clear that many youth pastors need to keep their mouth shut, even if God has told them greatness is in their future, until after they've killed Goliath. Until then shut up, learn from the good, bad, and ugly, and keeping playing the harp!

Sarah didn't get to hear Dr. Alvin Reed because she went to hear Merritt Johnston talk about ministering to girls. I think that was her favorite part of the whole conferrence. On the way home she had a lot of powerful things to say. I love my wife!

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I love your wife too...but not in the same way...