Monday, March 17, 2008

Youth Pastor Summit 2008, Day 1

YPS is something that came from the mind of Dr. Jay Strack. I know very little about him (this is the first I've heard of him), but I've learned he's been in ministry (starting as an evangelist) for 35 years. I'm was inspired by his passion and commitment to train leaders (both youth pastors and students).

Here's some of the highlights from the 4 main speakers we heard today:

Francis Chan
  1. Wifes are valuable! Chan said he don't like to be selfish with his prayers to God, but he's asked that his wife would outlive him because he needs her.
  2. Chan confessed to us about a mess up he committed 15 years ago. He was very transparent with us.
  3. Sometime we mess up and then come back to God much like the prodigal son thinking we can go back as a slave and work for him. But God doesn't take us back as slaves. He accepts us back as sons.
  4. Don't stress about all the important things you have to get done.
  5. Rejoicing is a command! It's the only command that says "do this and again I say do it".
  6. Don't rejoice in ministry. Rejoice in power! Rejoice that your name is listed in the book of life!
  7. If your ministry fails we begin to doubt that our name is in the book of life (our trust that we're "with" God).
  8. If we knew our name was in the book of life, if we were able to see it for ourself, we would be happy all day long!
  9. How many people would like you if you didn't worry for the next 10 years?
  10. Do you worry about the things you delegate?
  11. Do you ever not worry and trust?
  12. We worry because we don't trust that God will get it done.
  13. In the parable of the sower (Luke 8) the people didn't get it and Jesus did that on purpose. Many will not understand. Jesus was saying, "stop watering the seed on the sidewalk; stop watering the seed on the rocks; stop watering the seed on the thorns". Jesus wanted those who REALLY wanted it because he knew those who really wanted it would come to Him asking for more (just like his disciples did).
  14. Stop wasting time on the kids that aren't going to get it. Stop trying to water the seeds on the sidewalk, rocks, and thorns. If you waste your time on them then you cheapen God's message and you're telling people that it's okay to half-way follow Him, but that's not what Jesus taught.
Brent Crowe
  1. Spent some time honoring Jay Strack (was really cool information about what Dr. Strack stood for).
  2. Re-runs are ingrained into our culture, but it has no place in ministry.
  3. If it feels like a re-run (in ministry) then we have to some serious questions to ask.
  4. We MUST have ministry that is flexible to the changing and moving of God.
  5. Everyone wants their effort to mean something.
  6. Ministry is not a gig!
  7. Gigs are performance driven. Ministry is servant driven.
  8. A re-run ministry is a ministry in a box.
  9. When did it become the goal to do "good" things and think we are showing Christ to others.
  10. Increasing numbers is not up to you. The wind blows where it may.
  11. Don't blame yourself for the decrease or you'll give yourself credit for the increase.
  12. Strategy and events does not equal disciples.
  13. Every youth must be known personally!
  14. Are we producing activity junkies?
  15. Are college students falling away because they lack their youth calendar of events?
  16. Evangelism is not old and outdated! When did it become irrelevant to confront people about eternity?
  17. Student ministry is not a stepping stone to something else!
  18. Students are not lab rats.
  19. For this generation there is no tomorrow!
John Eldredge
  1. He looks like a hippie from the 60's that cleaned up, talks like a psychologist, and he began talking about hearing God. I was really expecting some really hokie, but he was really awesome (much like I remember his book "Wild at Heart")!
  2. The bible is not a book of exceptions. It is an example of what happens!
  3. Not asking and talking with God leads to doing a lot of wasted work (that might look good but still wasted).
  4. To hear God quiet yourself, start with simple questions, and surrender yourself (be ready for a "no").
  5. He illustrated these point over and over very clearly.
Ed Young
  1. Espresso will get you through ministry.
  2. Church is built on trust which is a great place for betrayers.
  3. Sometimes there are blessings in betrayal.
  4. Those who envy are about to betray someone.
  5. Those who betray others usually don't know they are betraying someone.
  6. Senior pastors are crazy people magnets.
  7. Betrayal happens from those closest to you.
  8. When you are pushed into the pit, Satan shows you his cards.
  9. Betrayers try to cover their trail with lies.
  10. When you're in the pit you can see other betrayers.
  11. God allows a break-down so we can have a break-through.
  12. (Psalm 40) God pulls us out of the pit and we sing songs. . .and others notice!
  13. There are three kinds of people: those who are "with you", those who are "for you", and those who are "against you".
  14. "With you" people are the ones who help you out of the pit.
  15. "For you" people will betray you.
  16. "For you" people will say "I've heard them say" or "they think", but when asked who they are you'll find out they are one or two people (a small handful). Don't listen to the "they" commits!
  17. Some people are unwilling to take church to the next level and they will leave.
I've been impact greatly, but I'm SO tired. Tomorrow is break out sessions (I get to pick who I'm listening to for four different sessions).


Rick Lawrenson said...

I met Jay 33 years ago when he was an upstart young preacher in SW Florida.

MilePost13 said...

Can you explain "rerun ministry" a little more?

TerryKM said...

Re-Run ministry refers to doing the same things over and over (like rehashing the same lessons after so many years and never doing something new).

Anonymous said...

Francis Chan is a graduate of Masters College, is conservative in his theology and is a pastor of a large church in So CA. He also made a 15 minute video, "Just Stop and Think" found at or on