Wednesday, October 3, 2007

What Is A Missional Church? (answered via video)

Are you missional? Is your church? Check out some of these answers via video. They don't contain all the answers but maybe it will get you thinking.

What is a missional church?:

So what does it mean to be a missional church? Watch this (it's a good bit longer):

Being missional is a mindset of the leadership which filters down to the congregation. It something that requires a great deal of transitioning. We're talking about changing the way people think, which is rarely easy. Watch this to get a "tip of the iceberg" understanding of what it means to have a missional mindset:

The idea of being missional, as a church, is something that burdens my heart. Anyone who has viewed my pattern of teaching (whether it was lessons to the youth, topics I taught in Sunday school, or sermons) over the past 3 years would see that. I don't have it figured out and I haven't discovered exactly what the journey would look like. . .but what about you?


MilePost13 said...

those are some good videos!

TerryKM said...

Yeah, I just went to YouTube for something to add to what I was going to say about being missional and those were among the top in my search, and Tim Keller seemed to say what I was thinking far far better! Plus, he's speaking from experience. He has a lot of videos out there on YouTube, all surrounding a conference he spoke at in '06 (dealing with the topic of being missional).