Friday, October 19, 2007

First Trunk-or-Treat At My Church

So this will be the first time First Baptist Church of Kitty Hawk has ever done Trunk-or-Treat. We're still going to do our normal HarvestFest games and activities inside the fellowship hall. I'm excited!

To the right is the poster I put together for the event, but I used a PC (which are not as good as Macs when it comes to design) and I only spent around an hour on it. I was honestly not feeling the creativity. Hopefully it will still get the attention of parents and their young ones.

For an awesome advertisement for Trunk-or-Treat check out this video (based on the Sonic commercials) put together by my brother-in-law (at Practical Worship). They're doing Trunk-or-Treat at their church too, which is where I got the idea from.

That's both of my brother-in-laws in the video.

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Joshua McKenney said...

I like your blog's new look. It is more personal.