Sunday, February 14, 2010

Disney: Sarah's Birthday

This is coming late. This was a really big birthday gift to Sarah.

We stayed at Disney for 3 nights and 4 days. The first day was in the Magical Kingdom, the second was in the Animal Kingdom, the third was in Hollywood Studios, and the last day at Epcot.

The first day was her birthday and she wanted to go to the Magical Kingdom. She said the highlight of it was getting to have dinner in Cinderella's Castle. I didn't have my nice camera with me but I know we posted a few photos to FaceBook of that night. Another highlight was getting the best caricature we've gotten. It was GREAT! We enjoyed an awesome parade which led to an awesome fireworks display/show.

On the second day we got to see tons of animals at the Animal Kingdom. We got their early and brought the camera on this day (see pictures below). That night we went to dinner at the Rain Forest Cafe, which was as you exited the Animal Kingdom. Pretty cool place to eat.

For Sarah and I, Hollywood Studios was all about the rides. This was our third day at Disney. We went to every ride. I think our favorites were the Rock N Roll Coaster and the Tower of Terror.

Epcot, our last day, had some of the best food! But costly. In fact, everything cost quite a bit, but it was so fun. I can easily see how children would have a blast at Disney! By this day we were really tired and it was really cold. We didn't do everything and decided to leave a little early, stopping at the Cheesecake Factory as we left Orlando.

We didn't take a lot of pictures because there was an overcast pretty much every day, but here are a few, all from the animal kingdom.

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Pattie Moore said...

We enjoyed the post on facebook also,it was like you were including us in the adventure.Can you give us some update on the house