Monday, June 22, 2009

Surf Camp

Steve Wise from Nags Head Church (North Carolina) came down to head up a Surf Camp for my youth. Steve teamed up with an old friend of his (Phil) out of Cocoa Beach, FL who runs a surf camp there.

A few things:
  1. I need to be a lot better at advertising. I know word got out but we didn't get any response from youth. I was hoping to reach youth that were connected with my existing youth. . .but the results were not good.
  2. I had a few pastors from other churches calling me about it. They heard about it through advertising I was doing in the local high schools.
  3. I know I could duplicate the camp for next year, but having two veteran surfers will be a hard thing for me to duplicate; I love getting up on a board. . .when it actually happens. . .but I'm no surfer. I'm sure I could talk a good talk about surfing, but having a veteran is better.
  4. All of my youth now want to go out and buy boards! One of the boys keep talking about how he and I need to buy boards and go surfing together regularly.
  5. All of the youth want to repeat this for next year. . .I wonder how many would be willing to work the event instead of just attending?
This slide show kind of captures the highlights. . .

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bethany said...

Looks like ya'll had fun! I didn't see Sarah up on a board though...kinda like she must've had some scary surfing experience that ended up in stitches or something...:)

PS - I have totally exciting news! We are coming to visit you in January!!! Hopefully you will be there. Josh is running in a marathon during the week of Jan. 4-15th...We can't wait to see ya'll!

luv ya,