Sunday, June 14, 2009

Pics of the New House

Here are the pictures that we have of the house. It is no fun buying a house and not being able to go see it without the realtor.

This is the outside. Lovely tan color with brown trim.

There is extra parking in front of the shed. Will come in handy when having people over!

This is the first shed, with another behind it.

There are tons of palm trees and other foliage on the property, just needs a little trimming up.

Here is the kitchen. Very nice cabinets. The appliances are a little old, so hopefully they all work.

The two car garage.

The garage again. Tons of space for all of our junk.

This is the odd extra room attached to the garage. We will probably put a wall here to separate it and turn it into a game room or something.

The backyard. It was raining when we went, so this is the best that we have. The house is on a double lot, so a nice long backyard. The neighbors behind the house have a fence, but the sides aren't fenced in...yet.

The pool! It is screened in and a very nice size!

This is the little dinning room that is attached to the kitchen and the living room. Don't know if our table will fit there.

This view is from the living room looking at the kitchen. Has a nice little bar.

Here is the living room with the ugly green carpet. One thing I like about the house is that in here and the master bedroom there is a ledge along the top of the wall, where you see the trim, which will make for fun decorating.

So, this is our house! Needs some work, but we are up to the task, we think.

Sarah Elizabeth


Rick Lawrenson said...

Looks great!

bethany said...

Sarah! I can't WAIT to come visit you! What a beautiful home ya'll are buying!!! We will just have to bring our child and dog and just all our craziness to your front door...I'm so proud of you! Congratulations.

Andy Lawrenson said...

Terry and Sarah,
The pictures look wonderful. I hope we can come visit you soon. I'm very excited and proud of you. Congrats!