Sunday, April 26, 2009

Photos of Saltwater Fish

Our newest aquarium (we have quite a few) is a 90 gal saltwater.

Probably our favorite to watch. Our two clown fish and their anemone.

They spend most of their time within 6 inches of the anemone.

Here they are again, but in this one you can see the snowflake blenny in the top left corner. He seems to enjoy watching us all the time.

Some polyps coral with the royal gramma hovering above. I've had a hard time taking pictures of the royal gramma (who we call Gurgle, after the same fish in "Finding Nemo"); maybe my camera doesn't like the really bright colors.

A toadstool coral. We have two.


Rick Lawrenson said...

That's really pretty! Watching fish in an aquarium is mezmerizing.

CFHusband said...

Gwyneth and I would like to rent out an aquarium for a day, I am pretty sure she would stare at it all day long. Is this possible?


TerryKM said...

Sadly it's not possible, but you're invited to come here and spend more than a day (as long as you like) staring at them!