Monday, April 27, 2009

The "New" Newsboys

Amazingly, the Newsboys came to our tiny little highschool theater for a concert. We heard about this back in March, and I got so excited (Newsboys have been one of my favorite bands for probably 15 years now). About a week after we learned that they were coming here to Vero we heard that their lead singer, Peter Furler, was no longer going to be their lead singer. He would stop touring with the band but continue to write for them. The horror! Peter Furler gone??? How could the Newsboys continue without him? The new lead singer for the Newsboys in now none other than the ex DC Talk member Michael Tait. What?!? Michael Tait? What a dissapointment that was to hear.

After hearing that news I was a bit bummed and not nearly so excited for the concert. But we went anyway, wanting to see if he would be any good and worth continuing to support the band. We went, with little hopes, although trying to keep an open mind and give him a chance. Before they played we heard Bread of Stone, Vota, and December Radio. They were good bands; quite impressed with Vota.

The Newsboys started the show with their drummer, Duncan (who is an amazing drummer, and can keep playing while his drum set and he starts revolving and tilting!), saying a few words about Peter no longer touring with them, and then he introduced Michael as the new lead singer. I don't know if there is any relation, but to me he looks just like Whoopi Goldburg! First song in, it sounded pretty good. Now, I don't know if he was trying to sound like Peter Furler or if maybe their voices are that similar, but he sounded a lot like him.

Good things I can say about Michael being a Newsboy: He did a very good job singing and not changing the songs to fit him; he stayed true to the "Peter" versions of the songs. Michael can really sing. They did some DC Talk songs, which was a blast! And he is a good performer.

Bad things I can say about Michael being a Newsboy: he looks nothing like Peter, which makes it hard for the brain to accept. He doesn't have the same energy lever or stage presence as Peter. They focused a bit too much on the fact that he was a part of DC Talk.

My suggestions for Michael being a Newsboy: get rid of that hat! He needs to change his look from when he did his own show. My thought is maybe he wears the hat because he is balding; if that is so...perfect! He should shave his head and put on eyeliner! He should find out what the fans want out of him.

Overall, I was impressed and happy with what I saw. I really enjoyed the concert and Michael's singing. I hope that the band is able to continue with this big change.

Good luck to you, Newsboys! Farewell Peter, enjoy your well deserved time home with your family! Keep up the good work, Michael! And to all you Newsboys fans, keep being fans!

Sarah Elizabeth


Andy Lawrenson said...

Every time I have seen Tait perform in recent years he has had the hat on. Perhaps he already has the bald head and we just don't know it?

Rick Lawrenson said...

That's pretty cool that they came to your town.

And Michael Tait is a native of Washington, DC, which makes him pretty much a genius and all round great guy.