Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Our Fish Tank(s)

Back in February we purchased a 45 gallon fish tank. We set it up and got our starter fish, two opaline gouramis, to make sure that the tank was ready for fish. They lived, yay! so we added four more pearl gouramis. Our goal was to build up to Angelfish, but they are super sensitive, so we took our time. Our water was very brown and murky for the first few weeks. After a few successful weeks of gourami survival, we decided to go get the angelfish. We went to Petsmart, our favorite pet store, and picked up 6 of the smallest angelfish I'd ever seen. So cute! Two of the original died, a few of the replacements died, but we now have 5 thriving, growing, beautiful angelfish! We added a bushy nose placco, a leaf fish, a crowntail betta, bubble bee catfish, and a rainbow shark, and then got really crazy and set up our 10 gallon right beside the 45. We added another leaf fish, betta, and two guppies in the 10 gallon. This has been a fun hobby. Here are some pics of the tanks, enjoy!

Here is our two tanks side by side, the 10 gallon now seems so tiny, especially when I remember how many fish I had in there years ago.

Here is the little 10 gallon, sunken treasure theme. In here lives a betta, a leaf fish, and two guppies (who I'm sure will soon produce babies).

Here is the 45 gallon. Both tanks have live plants in them, which I love! I'd never done live plants before, but they are great, and pretty!

Here is one of the leaf fish. Very small, cute fish. He has a huge mouth and would eat smaller fish if we had smaller fish.

Here is the pretty blue crowntail betta in the 45 gallon tank.

Here is one of the angelfish, we have two stripped ones.

Here are two of the pearl gouramis.

Here is our biggest angelfish.

We have two white angelfish, they are my favorite!

Another picture of the blue crowntail betta.

Here is the male guppy, the female has the same colors.

Here is the crowntail betta in the 10 gallon, very pretty red color.

Here is our rainbow shark.

We got four bumble bee catfish. We rarely see them, so we don't know if we still have four. They are really cute when we get to see them.

Here is another shot of the leaf fish.

Our bushy nose placco. He hides most of the day.

Sarah Elizabeth


CFHusband said...

Love the Fishies!! Gwyneth would love them too... I wish I had the tenacity to keep up a fishtank. What beautiful colors : ) Do you ever play with the fish?


TerryKM said...

The gouramis will take the food from your fingers. They're not very afraid. Some of the angels will too.

Katie Lamont said...
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Katie Lamont said...

My dad has a beta names Joe. Me cats try to eat him. I try to tell them not to eat their uncle Joe, because it isn't polite- but they never listen!

Miss you!

PS I am slightly comment challenged...

Also, every time I see mini hersheys in a bag I think about you! (Sarah, not Terry) Hehe. Fun times! :)

Sleepy Girl said...

aww, I miss the mini hersheys while on the phone with Johns!

Andy Lawrenson said...

Interesting that the water is so clear. I seem to remember Sarah's guppy aquarium. . .

TerryKM said...

Yeah, I'm the one who takes care of the aquarium (she does help me).

Andy Lawrenson said...

the fish pics are cool and the aquarium looks like a nice place to live. I had an angel fish once. Started out with it like the size of a quarter and it grew to be ginormous.