Saturday, April 5, 2008

Life Of The Moores Update

Back in March Sarah and I attended the Youth Pastor Summit, which was really good! We also were able to enjoy Universal Studios' Islands of Adventure for a few hours.

Frodo has entered our world and Sarah really loves having him around. His personality is nothing like Lilly's. Lilly won't leave him alone and unless she's sleeping she wants to know what he's doing at all times and irritates him non-stop. Here's Frodo getting a bath!

We received a gift from my grandma late March. My mom told me it was originally intended to be a wedding present but it took a lot longer than expected to make. Sarah and I love it. It's on our bed at night. The cool thing is it's light weight which is perfect for Florida! It's a beautiful quilt!

On April 1st Sarah and I took two youth to Busch Gardens: Tampa (it was their Spring Break). Harry hadn't been on a roller coaster in over 3 years because of a fear of heights. We got him on 2 coasters. Nick had never been to Busch Gardens before; now he has a one year pass and we're going back! We got rained out about an hour before we had to leave. It was an experience just getting out of Busch Gardens; the rain was coming down tropical storm style. After waiting about 30 minutes we all bought ponchos and made a run for it. We had a blast! Oh, and check out the video of Harry making friends with a flamingo.

I've been working on the back yard for about a week. I should have took some before and after pictures. It's been a lot of work for how little of a backyard we have. It was full of weeds, sandspurs, bark, and a few large rocks. 8 trash bags of weeds and bark later and this is where I'm at so far.

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Katie Lamont said...

How fun! It looks like things are going pretty well for you guys. I love reading this when you update, it makes me feel like I got to hang out with yall for a little bit, even though it is far from it! I hope everything is and continues to go very well! Tell Sarah that I love and miss her very very much!

The Mehaffie's said...

Hey Terry, It's Rockie. I got to your blog from Rachel's. I saw the picture of Marmaduke and got excited. Luke and I took pictures at that very spot 3 yrs. ago. FUN! I hope you had as much fun at Islands of Adventure as we did!!!