Monday, January 14, 2008

The Roller Coaster Continues

Today Sarah and I had a very testing moment.

The landlord called us about our apartment. We had left a message that we had a few things we had found that needed to be fixed. One was a leaking valve, more like pouring, to the washing machine. Another was two tiles in the shower that were broken through, so every time we took a shower water would be pouring into the wall. By the time I was on my fourth item he stopped me and said, "maybe we need to return your deposit back to you and let you find another place to live". Sarah and I was about to be forced to move out and begin searching for a new place to live. After talking a little bit more he then told me he would call me back.

I start praying.

Over an hour later the landlord shows up and we begin to talk. I don't know whether he has having a really bad morning or if God was changing his heart toward us (I'm inclined to believe the later) but he said, "let me show you another apartment". He explained that the problems in the place we're living are bad enough that he would need to have people working on it for a a considerable amount of time. He would rather not be working on it while someone was living there.

I'm giving you the short version here, but Sarah and I were not happy. It looked like we were going to move again, with just Sarah and I doing all the work! Sarah and I debated over what to do and finally came to the conclusion that the move would be best.

The good that has come out of it so far is
  1. Three people from the church were able to be reached and they came to help us.
  2. We met the landlord's parents. The mother cleaned and the father is a handy-man. They were kind and generous. They went above and beyond trying to make the new place nice for us.
  3. The new place is a lot nicer. It has a new stove and new refrigerator in it. All of the kitchen cabinets are much nicer. The bathrooms are in much better condition.
The bad that has come out of it so far is
  1. I've had to pay some money to get the electricity and water turned off and back on in a new location (which takes place tomorrow).
  2. I've hurt my back. Only one of the people who was able to come had a strong back so the both of us moved all the heavy stuff.
  3. We're not done. There's a lot of heavy moving left and a lot of boxes still unpacked.
  4. This has delayed Sarah from job hunting and will delay me getting into the church office and begin my work there.
I like the new place a lot more. I think Sarah and I will be a lot happier there, but the second move rather rough on both of us. We've been working and working with no time to recover.

Please pray:
  1. That God will give us rest.
  2. That Sarah and I will reflect Christ to the landlord, his parents, and others that work on the homes we are living in.
  3. That Sarah will find a job soon that pays well enough for us to afford to make payments on a car (we really need a second car, and eventually replace my Suburban for something that uses less gas).
  4. ABOVE ALL THESE. . .pray for Nathan, Tricia, and Gwyneth.


MilePost13 said...

I knew it! You should have never left us. :)

Welcome to the real world (meaning, not living in a church-owed house 50 yards from the church)! Glad things are working out. Once you get settled in, life will slow down a bit.

Terrys Mom said...

These experiences make you strong!
Marriage even stronger......(dad and I for 32 plus Years)
God already has worked out the details soon you will be able to look back and see the benefit of this experience (what I call growing pains).I am reminded that you are never to old to learn, this just adds another wrinkle in your brain,why do you think older people look so good and wise.
When the dust settles don't forget to give everyone your new address!!!
Hugs and Kisses from Mom

Rachel said...

Hey Terry, My heart is burdened for you and your family. I'm earnestly lifting you up in prayer to our Maker. It's amazing to keep track of what the He is doing in your lives. Please continue to keep us posted. Our GOD is so AMAZING and I'm continually in awe!!

Lot's of Love your way!!
Rachel Henderson

Patty said...

That, which does not kill us makes us stronger, right? Or how about God will not give us something that he does not think we can pull through? I will keep thinking of you and your Sarah as we all go through the trials and tribulations of job hunting and moving together (and yet apart).

Anonymous said...

Maybe the old crusty one is trying to get a foot hold to take your focus off your new ministry, new life in your new town, your wife's job hunt, Nate's family, etc. I am praying right now in JESUS NAME for a hedge of protection around you and Sarah, for your hearts to continuously be looking towards God, and for Him to help you see the good in all situations.(If not good, then maybe humor!) Listen to the song, "Jesus Bring the Rain" and also know there are many people out here praying for your whole family....Nate, Tricia, Gywneth, and their ENTIRE extended family.
Take care and God Bless you.

Rick Lawrenson said...

Sounds like you've had some great learning experiences! Be sure to catalog them for future reference.

Terrys Mom said...

waiting in anticipation of a update and photos and etc........
Love From Momma

OBX Rox said...

Hey, Terry and Sarah,
Sounds like it was an exhausting week... Glad to hear your church is welcoming you both with loving arms!

Sorry about the two moves in two days (we've done that before also! May 30 and 31, 1999, remember, Sarah??? lol)

It could be worse though.. it could be hurricane season!

Love ya,