Saturday, January 19, 2008

Bill's Poem

In my Sunday Review I mentioned Bill writing a poem to Sarah and I and having 6 others read it with him. Here's the poem:
This is our wish for Sarah & Terry

We hope you'll get settled in a great big hurry!

At first. . .things may seem as if they are bleary, but really, they won't be all that scary.

'Cause once you are settled and no longer weary, everything will finally turn out merry.

So take a deep breath, Sarah and Terry, life in Vero is not all that dreary.

But if you are feeling the least bit leary, our wish for a great future is expressed most sincerely.

Go get 'em Sarah and Terry.


Terrys Momma said...

Terry and Sarah,
It is good to know about the welcome you have recieved:
So please tell Bill that momma (Moore) said, Well done for him and his team with the welcome poem they presented.
And I don't want to forget also the ones who all played a part in moving,preparing food,hugs this list can be endless
Isn't it wonderful that no matter were you go Jesus sends someone to meet us and welcome us home.
I know God will bless His ministry through both of you,
Love ya Momma

OBX Rox said...
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OBX Rox said...

Hey, Sarah,
Hope your first Florida birthday has been warm and sunny!
Love you!