Friday, June 8, 2007

Rolling Stone

So my car is being worked on, nothing special, just an oil change and inspection, and I decided to pick up a magazine to pass the time. I saw Johnny Depp on the cover on an issue of Rolling Stone, expecting to read something interesting about Pirates of the Caribbean 3.

Now, I haven’t picked up a copy of Rolling Stone in over 10 years and even then I really don’t remember what the content was about, I’ve never had much interest in reading magazines, but I was rather shocked by its content. I saw women scandalously dressed, pro-legalizing marijuana content, vulgar language, etc. As I flipped the pages two things came to mind: this was like an R-rated movie where graphic content rarely skipped a page and the writers of Rolling Stone have a nasty hatred of George W. Bush.

I picked up a second copy of Rolling Stone and discovered the exact same content.

This was a bit distressing. It was distressing because someone had the freedom and say and show these things, but rather it had become acceptable to use the freedom we have in our country to see these things as acceptable content. It is good that we have the freedom to state what we’re against and what we’re for, but something about the content in Rolling Stone struck a nerve with me. I had a hard time believing that the writers were striving for what is right and good, but rather they seem to be striving for whatever gratifies them.

How could a believer examine such content and not feel remorse for the human condition and acknowledge the great need for so many to come to know Christ? That so many people groups within our own country who are not being reached. The entertainment/media industry is definitely seems to be lacking in ministry from the church. So many people read and delight in Rolling-stone, and similar content.

I hear the message of the world saying “do whatever feels right to you” and “do whatever makes you feel better about yourself”. I see this voice getting stronger and stronger in the short time I’ve been alive. . .or have I just began to really listen?

The other day Sarah and I were discussing the old Cosby Show, which we both get a kick out of, but such shows are dead today. People won’t sit down and watch them. There’s no violence, no sexual content, no vulgarity and people are not attracted to sitting down and watching something clean and wholesome.

I don’t know where I’m going with this so I’ll step down from my soapbox and leave my thoughts there. . .

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