Friday, June 29, 2007

Evan Almighty

Sarah and I check it out last night. Initially I was a bit cautious. The first film, “Bruce Almighty”, was humorous, but sacrilegious content has a tendency to ruin a movie for me turning what most find to be funny into not-funny-at-all for me. After my future father-in-law told me he had heard a few good things about the content and message of the movie my interest was peaked and so Sarah and I checked it out.

First off, this movie is more like a spin-off than a sequel. It still has Morgan Freeman playing “God” but other than that the movie doesn’t really match up with “Bruce Almighty”. And second, I had a hard time finding sacrilegious content at all. Sure there was off or inaccurate comments being made about God but looking at it from the angle of people who know little-to-nothing about church their comments were probably what most un-churched Americans would say. In fact, that was an awesome point in the movie. The movie had a good bit of dialogue where “God” (Morgan Freeman) would correct misconceptions about himself and they were actually Biblical (Hollywood actually got something right about God!). There are also some awesome parallels drawn between Noah and faith, truly trusting God, through asking the question, “what if Noah was here today and was asked to build the ark?”.

I don’t want to provide any spoilers here for the movie, but this movie would be awesome to take un-churched friends and you should be prepared to explore some of the misconceptions about who God really is. This movie would also be ideal for the person who claims they’re a believer but doesn’t really trust God. The movie won’t answer any of these questions for you and it will only explore these things to a small degree but it certainly opens the door pretty widely for you to have the kind of conversations people need to hear and people need to be having.

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