Sunday, February 22, 2009

More Church Projector Images

Another design I played with (same look with different looks). Notice the title is at an angle (as per Nathan's suggestion).


CFHusband said...

the blue on blue doesn't work too well in the first one.

Good job with the angles.

CFHusband said...

I've found that shadows are one of the few things that can really make something like this pop. Try adding deep shadows (you've got a shallow shadow on the white text in the 2nd one) to every element (including the border, etc.) just to see if you come up with something different.

CFHusband said...

Here's an example of something that had no shadows...I added shadows to most of the elements and it really added a lot of depth and dimension:

TerryKM said...

Thank you Nate. I appreciate your advice and experience.

I need to pick your brain for some of the same kind of stuff for photography.

Btw, Sarah's liked the blue one better. I didn't agree with her either; she said it was okay for me to say so, even though I was mean (according to her).