Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Free Stuff

So, last night on the news I heard that certain department stores were giving away free beauty products due to a lawsuit. I got online to check it out, and found out that locally Macy's and Dillard's would be participating. I arrived at the mall early, waited in line (which continued to grow as we approached the time the store would open). They had a list of products to pick from. All well known brand names, all full sized products, no samples. When it was my turn at Dillard's I picked the Lovely shower gel by Sarah Jessica Parker, because I have the perfume (Christmas present from Terry). Happy with my shower gel, I headed to Macy's, where I had to wait in line outside in the shade. Normally that would not pose a problem here in Florida, but as we are seeing well below average temps here this week, and the wind is blowing pretty hard, I froze! But, in the end it was worth it. I got J'Adore by Dior perfume, and it smells fabulous! I am very happy with my picks, and am sending Terry to the mall this afternoon for his fair share, which of course he will hand over to me. What fun when big companies are forced to give away free products to the general public! They are greatly appreciated!

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