Friday, September 14, 2007

What If Your Superhero Didn't Make The Cut?

Video editing by my brother-in-law Nathan, check out his blog.

Pretend for a moment that there were superhero try-outs. In order for you to do your acts of saving the world you would have to first be tested and if you failed the test then you would have to be just a normal guy (or gal). Even though there was something special about you, if you failed the try-outs you had to live life not using your powers.

What would a test like that look like? I think of the movie Mystery Men where a group of guys, who have some rather ridiculous powers (a guy who is only super strong when he gets angry, but he can't seem to get angry; a guy who is invisible, but only when no one is looking; a guy who's farts are so bad people pass out, and he can aim them with precision; and more). This rag-tag group decides to hold try-outs to be on their team and the people that show up are even more ridiculous.

So what would the real test look like? Would your favorite superhero make the cut?

. . .to be continued. . .same Bat-time! same Bat-channel!

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MilePost13 said...

that's a cool video! :)