Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Getting Married In A Few Days

Sarah and I have been busy at work and we’re not alone. So many have been hard at work. Family and friends have been coming down and visiting. Tonight Sarah and I hosted 6 of the Hendersons at my place, what is soon to be our place for Sarah and I. More and more the signs are becoming clear that this will be “our” place. Everything is reorganized, a few changes to what hangs on the walls (mostly additions), and it’s a lot cleaner (something I’m sure her parents would be rather shocked at). I’m can’t believe how much moving her stuff to my place and organizing everything would drain me.

In less than 3 days Sarah and I will be married. I’m learning more and more of how much I have left to learn. I look ahead and see all that Sarah and I hope for in our life together. More than anything I see our life of ministry together and I’m filled with excitement. I see the challenges that are ahead of us; places in our character that need to be reshaped, our finances by which we must discipline ourselves to retiring (and hopefully will have the income to retire sooner than later), learning to balance ministry and family. I see areas in which I alone need to grow and be more giving, like understanding Sarah’s love language better. All of this is exciting and I can’t wait to begin this life with Sarah.

Over the past week I have entered into so many conversations with friends, family, and acquaintances. Many of these conversations have left me thinking about how much God has reshaped and changed me over the past year. So much has happened to me, including sending me a woman that has been such a blessing. God has reshaped how I think about ministry. He’s reshaped my understanding of communication that really reaches your audience (even though the results have already been more than what I could ever hope for I strongly feel God is still teaching me in this area). God has been reshaping my understanding of family (thank you Sarah and other Lawrensons).

I’m getting married and my life is changing. God is moving and working in me and it is exciting! In a short time I’ll be marrying a woman unlike any I’ve met before and I know she was sent to me to help change my life, some of which I’m resistant and quite possibly will need to resist (I can hear Gail saying, “stand your ground Terry”), but I know Sarah and I will sharpen each other greatly and she is the most wonderful part of this amazing thing God is doing in my life.

Praise God for the marvelous ways He tells us how much He loves us, through His hand reshaping us and sending us blessed gifts!

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